West Michigan Invitational

October 28, 2017.

On October 28 the team head- ed over to Zeeland West High School for the West Michigan Robotics Invita- tional. This event was attended by elite teams such as FRC 2767 Stryke Force, 2017 St. Louis World Champions, and FRC 85 B.O.B., winner of the 2017 Mich- igan State Championship Consumers Energy Division. This competition was another good opportunity to get new kids on the team, both rookies and veterans, involved with the pit crew and drive team. At the conclusion of the qualification matches we were 4-1 and ranked seventh overall. During alliance selections we became captain of the sixth alliance with FRC 3875 Red Storm Robotics and FRC 5502 the Cobrots as our alliance partners.Though we lost both quarterfinal matches it was still a good final hurrah for our robot Louie. Unfortunately we faced some challenges with the robot. Some of the talons are getting old and therefore weren’t functioning, so we had to transfer the remaining talons to ensure that the climbing and gear mechanisms worked. This meant that we couldn’t intake or shoot balls for most of the tournament. Since our ball shooter was useless, Mrs. Jeanne DeRoseau, a team mom, bought an ugly stuffed animal named Zelda. For fun we put Zelda in the shooter and zip tied her in during the quarterfinal matches (she didn’t fall out!).

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